Registration of offshore in the Virgin Islands

Beneficial business environment
No minimum capital requirements
Developed and stable economy
No residency requirements for founders
Government support for business
High level of privacy
General information about BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) belong to the British Territories and are located on numerous islands of the volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. The Virgin Islands is a classic offshore jurisdiction that provides the same conditions for both companies registered to operate in the local market and for companies in the international market. Thousands of businessmen choose this jurisdiction because of favorable taxation, simplified reporting and high level of privacy. The BVO is considered a prestigious jurisdiction that tries to maintain its credibility. It is profitable to open an international business company (IBC).

Capital - Road Town
Currency - U.S. Dollar
Official language – English
    Features of registration of offshore companies in the Virgin Islands

    1. Any activity that is not in contravention of British Virgin Islands law is permitted;
    2. Minimum number of shareholders and directors - one each (both individuals and legal entities);
    3. There are no residency requirements for shareholders and directors;
    4. There are no requirements for mandatory payment of share capital;
    5. The name of the company should be unique and contain an acronym for the organizational and legal form;
    6. It is necessary to have a registered office of the firm;
    7. Companies are not allowed to own real estate, but are allowed to rent a room to register a physical office address;
    8. The right to issue name shares;
    9. A single institution of the company is possible;
    10. All documentation must be stored on the islands;
    11. The registration of an offshore company in the Virgin Islands takes several days.

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          How to register an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands

          Let's consider the offshore registration process in the BVI:

          Stage 1: Approve a unique name for the company;
          Stage 2: Appoint a shareholder and managing director;
          Stage 3: Develop the company's charter and founding documents;
          Stage 4: Prepare the necessary documents for registration (copies of shareholder and directors' passports, shareholdings, legal address and documents confirming office lease, etc.);
          Stage 5: Pay fees and fees;
          Stage 6: Register the company in the public registry.

          Document set includes:

          1. Registration certificate;
          2. The company's charter and founding agreement;
          3. The protocol on the appointment of first directors;
          4. Appointment Letter of a director;
          5. Directors' Registry;
          6. Shareholders' Register;
          7. Certificate of Stock Issue;
          8. Resolution for the issuance of a share certificate.

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            Taxation and financial reporting for companies in the BVI

            Companies registered in the Virgin Islands are exempt from income taxes, value-added tax, stamp duty and income tax.

            Moreover, the Virgin Islands does not require financial reporting.

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