Registration of offshore in the UAE

Prestige of jurisdiction
Easy to do business
Major financial centre
Flexible tax policy
Low-tax jurisdiction
High level of privacy
General information about the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a state in the Arabian Peninsula along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, consisting of seven emirates. The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the fastest growing countries and one of the world's largest financial centres. The state promotes the development of foreign business in the UAE, as well as attracting foreign investment. Moreover, there are more than 46 free economic zones with preferential taxation in the United Arab Emirates.

Capital - Abu Dhabi
Currency - UAE Dirham
Official language - Arabic
Borders - Saudi Arabia to the south and west, Oman to the east
    Features of registration of an offshore company in the UAE

    Foreign companies in the United Arab Emirates are most often registered in free economic zones and cooperate with customers from all countries except the UAE. THE FEW were created to attract foreign investment to the state. Each zone has its own requirements. All THES are divided by activities, issue different licenses and accept different packages of documents. For example, a production license can only be obtained in a few zones, and it is easier to obtain a service or trading license.

    The Dubai SEE (JAFa) is the most expensive zone, due to the permit to own real estate in Dubai. To register a company here, the founder must be present in person. That's why we want to offer you alternative but no less prestigious destinations in the UAE.

    The most suitable offshore zones are:

    1. Ajman;
    2. Rakez.

    The main advantages of the Ajman area:

    • The zero rate of income tax;
    • No stringent financial reporting requirements;
    • Protecting the company's assets;
    • The prospect of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE;
    • Flexible pricing policy;
    • 100% foreign business ownership;
    • High level of privacy.

    AJMAN license types:

    1. E-commerce License;
    2. Trading Licence;
    3. Industrial Licence;
    4. Service Licence.

    In Ajman, a private company or a branch of a foreign company is most often opened. Popular areas of doing business are: IT technologies, trade, consulting services, e-commerce, etc. It is forbidden for foreigners to open casinos, work for Forex, provide banking and insurance services.

    Requirements for Rakez companies:

    1. 2 registration forms: FZE (Free Zone Establishment) или FZC (Free Zone Company);
    2. The share capital depends on the type of activity carried out by the firm;
    3. F-E - at least one shareholder (both physical and legal person);
    4. F-C - at least two to five shareholders (both physical and legal);
    5. Having at least one director (physical person);
    6. Must have an office;
    7. Tax is not levied;
    8. Lack of stringent requirements for conduct and financial reporting.

    Types of licenses in the RAKEZ:

    – Service License;
    – Business License;
    – Commercial License;
    – Individual and Professional License;
    – E-commerce License.

    One firm has the right to obtain multiple licenses.

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        How to register an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates

        Let's consider the offshore registration process in the UAE:

        Stage 1: Book a unique company name;
        Stage 2: Develop the firm's charter and founding documents (assure notarized);
        Stage 3: Prepare a package of necessary documents for registration;
        Stage 4: Send documents to the Department of Economic Development - DED;
        Stage 5: Get a license that gives you the right to engage in your chosen activities;
        Stage 6: Get a certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce;
        Stage 7: Send an application for company registration to the Ministry of Labor;
        Stage 8: Register Emirati resident workers with the Social and Pensions Authority.

        The list of necessary documents to register:

        • A registration application signed by the manager and his representative;
        • The original and copy of the founding treaty;
        • The company's name statement form issued by the Department of Economic Development;
        • The original company registration document issued by the Department of Economic Development;
        • Copies of the passports of the company's founders and directors.

        Our company "Profit Rise" accompanies the client throughout the process of registering an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates in order to avoid any errors in the collection and filing of documents for the opening of the company. We fully take care of the preparation and collection of all necessary documents. We also provide services to support foreign firms after they are opened.
          Taxation and financial reporting for companies in the UAE

          Companies that conduct their business in the UAE OR outside the UAE are exempt from taxation. The 5% tax is paid on the import and export of goods when they are sold directly to their residents in the UAE.

          There are no requirements for annual financial statements and auditing.

          Profit Rise has more than 5 years of professional experience on the market. Our specialists have been helping our clients in starting an offshore business for many years. We also provide accounting services for already opened companies abroad. In order to get all the additional information about the process of registering an offshore company in the UAE, please leave an application on our website and we will contact you in the near future.
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