Registration of offshore in New Zealand

Beneficial investment climate
Good image of the country
Zero tax rate
Lack of currency controls
Developed banking and legal services
High level of democracy
General information about New Zealand

New Zealand it is an independent democratic state in the South-West Pacific. It is not included in the "black lists" of offshore countries and offers good prospects for the development of international companies. The country is characterized by a favorable investment climate, loyal legislation to foreign citizens, and has a reliable security of business.

Capital - Wellington
Currency - New Zealand Dollar
Official languages - Maori, New Zealand Sign Language, English
    Forms of doing business in New Zealand

    • Limited Liability Company;
    • Limited Partnership;
    • Public company - Company with unlimited liability;
    • Sole Trader; Partnership;
    • A branch of a foreign company;
    • A subsidiary of a foreign company;
    • Trust.

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      Features of the registration of offshore companies in New Zealand

      1. Any activity that is not in contravention of New Zealand law is permitted;
      2. Minimum number of shareholders and directors - one each (both physical and legal persons);
      3. There are no residency requirements for shareholders and directors;
      4. There are no requirements for the size of the company's share capital;
      5. Requirement for a secretary in the company, as well as the presence of a registered office;
      6. A single institution of the company is possible;
      7. Information about shareholders, directors, company reports is publicly available;
      8. The right to issue shares with a nominal value;
      9. Shareholder meetings must be held annually;
      10. The registration period for an offshore company in New York takes approximately 3 weeks.

      Promising business destinations in New Zealand:

      • Agriculture;
      • Tourism;
      • Services and communications;
      • Mining industry;
      • Financial services, etc.
          How to register an offshore company in New Zealand

          Consider the offshore registration process in New Zealand:

          Stage 1: Approve a unique name for the company;
          Stage 2: Develop the company's charter and founding documents;
          Stage 3: Prepare the necessary documents for registration (copies of shareholder and directors' passports, company secretary information, legal address and documents confirming office lease, etc.);
          Stage 4: Pay fees and fees;
          Stage 5: Register the company in the public registry.

          Document set includes:

          1. Certificate of registration;
          2. Registry statement;
          3. Charter and Memorandum;
          4. Register of shareholders and directors;
          5. Resolution on the appointment of a director;
          6. The director's consent to perform duties;
          7. The minutes of the first shareholder meeting;
          8. Certificate of Stock Issue;
          9. Resolution for the issuance of a share certificate;
          10. Declaration of Authority.

          If a nominal service was used at the registration of the company, then additional services will be issued:

          1. General letter of attorney;
          2. Trust Declaration;
          3. Resolution for the issuance of the general power of attorney.

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            Taxation and financial reporting for companies in New Zealand

            Companies that do business outside of New Zealand are exempt from income tax. The rest of the companies pay up to 28% tax. The goods tax is 12.5%. It exempts non-resident firms from corporate income fees as well as a tax on dividend interest.

            As far as reporting is concerned, all companies are required to keep accounting records. There are no requirements for providing documents for mandatory audit control.

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