Registration of offshore in Mauritius

Political stability of the state
The right to use a nominal service
Developed infrastructure
A fairly simple company registration service
No strict currency controls
High level of privacy
General information about Mauritius

Mauritius - (officially - Republic of Mauritius) - a small state on islands in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius, as an offshore jurisdiction, is on the OECD white list. A favorable investment climate, a convenient geographical location, a simple registration procedure all these conditions make this direction attractive among foreign investors.

The most common forms of doing business among non-residents:

1. Authorised Company;
2. Global Business Company (GBC).

Capital - Port Louis
Currency - Mauritius rupee
Official language – English
    Requirements for companies in Mauritius

    1. An offshore company is not entitled to:

    • provide banking, insurance and reinsurance services;
    • do business on the ownership or management of an investment fund;
    • provide your own legal address, nominal services and other services to corporations.

    2. A registered office and registration agent in Mauritius is required;
    3. The company's brand name (Latin letters);
    4. Minimum number of shareholders and directors - one each (individuals or legal entities, residents/non-residents);
    5. Companies in this form of doing business are exempt from taxation;
    6. The use of nominal service is allowed;
    7. There are no minimum capital requirements;
    8. The registration process takes approximately a few days.

    If you do not want to spend your time on registering a company, we offer to buy a ready-made offshore company in Mauritius.
        How to register an offshore company in Mauritius

        Let's consider the company's registration process in Mauritius:

        Stage 1: Approve the company's corporate name;
        Stage 2: Identify the company's activities;
        Stage 3: Register the company's legal address;
        Stage 4: Develop the company's charter and founding documents;
        Stage 5: Determine the composition of the participants;
        Stage 6: Prepare the necessary documents for registration;
        Stage 7: Pay registration fees and fees;
        Stage 8: Register the company in the state register;
        Stage 9: Purchase a business license (if necessary).

        Our company "Profit Rise" accompanies the client throughout the process of registering an offshore company in Mauritius in order to avoid any errors in the collection and filing of documents for the opening of the company. We fully take care of the preparation and collection of all necessary documents. We also provide services to support foreign firms after they are opened.
          Taxation and financial reporting for companies in Mauritius

          Resident companies that operate in Mauritius are required to pay income tax of 15%. If companies operate outside Mauritius, the tax is reduced to 3%. There are also annual registration fees and licensing fees.

          The authorized company must submit a financial summary to the Financial Services Commission once a year. This report must be submitted within 6 months of the end of the fiscal year.

          Profit Rise has more than 5 years of professional experience on the market. Our specialists have been helping our clients in starting an offshore business for many years. We also provide accounting services for already opened companies abroad. In order to get all the additional information about the process of registering an offshore company in Mauritius or buying a finished offshore company, leave an application on our website and we will contact you in the near future.
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