Registration of offshore in Cyprus

Stable banking system
No currency controls
Cooperation with European counterparties
Simple company registration procedure
Easy to do business
The ability to use a nominal service
General information about Cyprus

Cyprus - (officially - Republic of Cyprus) - an island nation that is located on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is not a classical offshore jurisdiction, however, it has one of the lowest income tax rates in Europe (12.5%). Cyprus is a prestige and European status.

Capital - Nicosia
Currency - Euro
Official languages - Greek, Turkish
    Forms of doing business in Cyprus

    • Private company Limited by shares;
    • Public company Limited by shares;
    • Exempt private company - Closed company, tax-exempt;
    • Partnership;
    • A non-profit organization;
    • A branch of a foreign company.
        Requirements for companies in Cyprus

        1. Any activity that is not in contravention of Cyprus law is permitted;
        2. It is necessary to have a registered office of the company and a registration agent in Cyprus;
        3. Minimum number of shareholders and directors - one each (both physical and legal persons, residents/non-residents);
        4. A single institution by a company is possible;
        5. Allowed to use nominal service;
        6. It is necessary to have a unique company name (you can in any language, but with translation into English or Greek);
        7. Minimum share capital - 1000 euros;
        8. Shareholder meetings can be held in any country;
        9. It is forbidden to issue bearer and stock shares without specifying face value;
        10. The company's registration process takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

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            How to register a company in Cyprus

            Let's consider the company registration process in Cyprus:

            Stage 1: Choose and approve the unique name of the company;
            Stage 2: Identify the company's activities;
            Stage 3: Register the company's legal address;
            Stage 4: Develop the company's charter and founding documents;
            Stage 5: Prepare the necessary registration documents;
            Stage 6: Prepare the necessary corporate documents;
            Stage 7: Pay registration fees and fees;
            Stage 8: Register the company in the public registry.

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              Taxation and financial reporting for companies in Cyprus

              Cyprus is not a classical offshore jurisdiction, so resident companies are committed to paying corporate income tax of 12.5%. However, if the company conducts its commercial activities and is managed outside Cyprus, it is exempt from paying tax. The annual fee, which is 350 euros, is obligatory.

              The following categories of profits are exempt from the payment of fees to the treasury:

              • Dividends received outside Cyprus;
              • Profits from stocks and other securities;
              • Income from a foreign branch.

              The standard VAT rate is 19%, there are also reduced rates of 9% and 5%, which apply depending on the type of activity carried out. If the company exports goods, a zero VAT rate applies.

              Cypriot companies are required to submit financial statements containing the opinion of an independent auditor; tax return and annual report.

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