Registration of offshore in Belize

Rapidly developing economy
Low tax rates (under certain conditions)
Zero tax rate
Low-cost company registration
No currency restrictions
High level of privacy
General information about Belize

Belize is a state on the east coast of Central America with a stable economy and a favorable tax climate. An offshore company in Belize is attractive because of the high reliability and reputation of the jurisdiction. It will not take long to register or buy a ready-made offshore company in Belize, and there are also relatively low registration fees and renewal fees. In this country, it is profitable for non-residents to open companies of international business (IBC).

Capital - Belmopan
Currency - Belize dollar
Official language - English
Borders - Mexico to the west and north, Guatemala to the south and southwest
    Features of registration of an international company in Belize

    1. Any activity that is not against Belize law is permitted. Some activities require a license;
    2. Minimum number of shareholders and directors - one each (both physical and legal persons, residents/non-residents);
    3. It is possible to establish a single institution of the company;
    4. There are no mandatory recruitment requirements for a secretary;
    5. The right to issue bearer and stock shares with and without face value;
    6. There are no requirements for the minimum amount of the share capital and its payment;
    7. There are no requirements for annual financial statements and audits;
    8. Meetings can be held in any country at any frequency;
    9. The use of nominal service is allowed;
    10. Privacy is provided at the legislative level;
    11. The company's registration process takes approximately 10 days.

    Since 2019, international companies registered in Belize are entitled to:

    • Buying a property or splitting a stake;
    • Doing business with Belize analysis;
    • Opening and managing a bank account in Belize;
    • Conduct trade activities in Belize.

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        How to register an offshore company in Belize

        Let's consider the offshore registration process in Belize:

        Stage 1: Approve the name of the company;
        Stage 2: Develop the company's charter and founding documents;
        Stage 3: Prepare the necessary documents for registration;
        Stage 4: Pay registration fees and fees;
        Stage 5: Register the company in the public registry.

        Document set includes:

        1. Certificate of registration;
        2. Company Charter and Constituent Agreement;
        3. A set of Constituent Documents (under the apostle);
        4. The Decision of the Participants;
        5. Decision on the first distribution of shares;
        6. Shareholders' Register;
        7. Directors' Registry;
        8. Appointment of a director.

        Our company "Profit Rise" accompanies the client throughout the process of registering an offshore company in Belize in order to avoid any errors in the collection and filing of documents for the opening of the company. We fully take care of the preparation and collection of all necessary documents. We also provide services to support foreign firms after they are opened.
          Taxation and financial reporting for companies in Belize

          Companies that do business outside Belize are exempt from income tax. In addition, there are no taxes on income, on capital gains, on dividends, on capital transfers.

          After 2019, international companies that wish to be physically present in Belize are considered resident and taxed under Belize tax law. Also, these companies have the right to obtain a certificate of good condition and a tax identification number.

          There are no requirements for annual financial statements and auditing. However, business owners must keep accounting records, and keep the data for 5 years.

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