Registration of the company in Canada

International authority of jurisdiction
Developed economy and stable legislation
Access to the North American market
Loyal tax policy
Lack of currency controls
The possibility of obtaining a residence permit
General information about Canada

Canada is a country in North America that attracts an increasing number of foreign businessmen due to its flexible company registration conditions and the absence of bans on cooperation with representatives of other jurisdictions. Canada is trying to support foreign business. There are many programs to attract and support foreign investors. When you start a business in Canada, you get a highly developed infrastructure and skilled workforce to grow your business as efficiently as possible.

Capital - Ottawa
Currency - Canadian dollar
Borders - U.S. south and northwest, has maritime borders with Denmark in the northeast and with France in the east
Official languages - English, French
    Forms of doing business in Canada

    • LP - Limited partnership;
    • LLP - Limited Liability Partnership;
    • EPC - Extra-provincial corporation;
    • Corporation.

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      Limited Partnership registration conditions in Canada

      1. There is no requirement for a minimum share capital;
      2. Limited partnerships do not form a separate entity, but have its characteristics (for example, they have the right to open bank accounts, make transactions for the provision of services or marketing of goods, etc.);
      3. At least one general partner and one limited partner (both individual and legal) are appointed;
      4. There are no residency requirements for partners;
      5. It is possible to establish the company alone;
      6. There are no requirements for the size of partner deposits;
      7. Limited partners meet liabilities in accordance with the size of their contribution to the partnership;
      8. There are no requirements for conducting and filing tax and financial statements;
      9. It is necessary to register a corporate address to send correspondence in the province where the business is registered;
      10. There is no corporate income tax;
      11. The responsibility of each partner is recorded at the meeting;
      12. All profits received by the company are distributed among the partners.

      Limited Liability Partnership registration conditions in Canada:

      1. It is possible to register this type of company without the formation of a separate legal entity, which greatly simplifies the registration procedure;
      2. Partners are not liable for the entire company;
      3. You must have a rented property and an office to register the address of sending correspondence;
      4. Financial statements must be filed and filed;
      5. Be sure to keep a list of partners.

      Corporation registration conditions in Canada:

      1. Minimum number of directors and shareholders - one (both physical and legal persons, there is no residency requirement);
      2. A single institution is possible;
      3. There is no requirement for a minimum share capital;
      4. It is necessary to have a unique name;
      5. Must have a registered address;
      6. Annual meetings must be held;
      7. You must file a tax return.
        How to register a company in Canada

        Let's consider the company's registration process in Canada:

        Stage 1: Choose a unique name and check its availability in a special registry;
        Stage 2: Identify the legal address and activities of the company;
        Stage 3: Prepare a package of necessary documents and assure them notarized;
        Stage 4: Fill out an application and registration form;
        Stage 5: Open a corporate bank account.

        The registration process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

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          Taxation and financial reporting for companies in Canada

          Canada is not a classic offshore company, however, if the company operates outside of Canada, then income tax is not payable. Taxation in Canada is through federal and provincial taxes. The federal tax is 15%. It is summed up by the size of the provincial tax, which is directly dependent on the province (from 11-12%).In some provinces, there are reduced tax rates - from 2.5 to 4.5% (the amount of tax depends on the type of commercial activity of the company).

          The federal VAT rate is 5%, the provincial rate is from 7 to 10%.

          Partnerships in Canada are exempt from VAT transactions when doing business with EU resident partners. This allows the company to purchase goods in the EU and send for export to other countries without receiving a VAT number.

          There are no requirements for mandatory auditing of companies.

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