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General information about Switzerland

Switzerland (officially the Swiss Confederation) is a Confederate republic in Western Europe, which is one of the richest countries in the world. Switzerland's banking system is considered one of the most stable in the world. Swiss law is trying to protect any business from all kinds of risks as much as possible. Switzerland consists of 26 cantons, each with its own legislation relating to the registration of new companies. If you meet a number of conditions, you can get some tax breaks for doing business.

Capital - Bern
Currency - Swiss franc
Borders - Germany to the north, France to the west, Liechtenstein and Austria to the east, Italy to the south
Official languages - German, Romanche, French, Italian
    Forms of doing business in Switzerland

    Let's consider the most common types of companies:

    • GMBH - Limited Liability Company;
    • AG - Shareholders' Society;
    • A branch of a foreign firm.

    Requirements for registering a limited company:

    1. Minimum share capital of 20,000 francs;
    2. The Board of Directors may consist of several people (must one of them be a resident of Switzerland);
    3. Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses;
    4. There are no residency requirements for shareholders;
    5. Administrative costs are relatively low;
    6. The company's annual financial statements are required.

    Requirements for registration of the stock company:

    1. Minimum share capital is from 100,000 francs;
    2. The founder appoints directors, shareholders and members of the company's management;
    3. One of the directors must be a resident of Switzerland;
    4. Suitable for large and medium-sized businesses;
    5. The right to issue name shares;
    6. The company's annual financial statements are required;
    7. Annual audit of the company (depending on the turnover of the company and the number of employees).

    Opening a branch of a foreign company takes less time, as the package of necessary documents is much smaller than for GMBH and AG companies. There are no capital requirements. One of the management participants must be a resident of Switzerland.

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      How to register a company in Switzerland

      Let's consider the process of registering a company in Switzerland:

      Stage 1: Choose and agree a name for the company;
      Stage 2: Identify the legal address and activities of the company;
      Stage 3: Appoint a Swiss attorney to become the company's manager;
      Stage 4: Develop the firm's charter and founding contract;
      Stage 5: Open a bank account to make a share capital;
      Stage 6: The package of necessary documents is sent to the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the State Registry.

      Required areas of activity:

      1. Hotel and restaurant business;
      2. Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment;
      3. Innovation and high technology;
      4. Agriculture;
      5. Luxury goods production (clothing, accessories);
      6. Financial services.

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        Taxation and financial reporting for companies in Switzerland

        Switzerland's efficient tax system has made it one of the best countries in Europe to start and run its own business. Switzerland is divided into 26 cantons, each with its own tax system. Therefore, before you start a company in Switzerland, consult our experts about choosing the right canton for your goals.

        There are three levels of tax in Switzerland: federal, cantonal and municipal. Individuals pay no more than 30% of the total tax, legal - no more than 35%. About 8% of these sums go to the state treasury, and the rest - to the local treasury.

        Companies operating outside Switzerland pay only federal taxes (8%).

        The standard VAT rate is 8%. Individual activities are subject to 2.4 or 3.6%. The zero VAT rate is such activities as: medical and educational services, securities transactions, rental real estate transactions, export of goods.

        Financial statements must be filed without fail. Absolutely all Swiss firms annually undergo audits, reports of which are sent to the state register of enterprises of the country.

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