Registration of the company in Poland

Stable political and economic situation
No stringent licensing requirements
Highly developed infrastructure
Loyal fiscal system
Advantageous transit location of the country
Remote registration of the company
General information about Poland

Poland (officially the Republic of Poland) is a country in Eastern Europe with a developed economy and a stable political situation. Poland is the sixth largest market in the European Union. Through Poland passes a system of well-established cargo flow between the countries of the Western and Eastern parts of Europe. By opening a business here, you will get access to the European market, which greatly expands the opportunities of your business.

Capital - Warsaw
Currency - Polish zloty
The borders are Germany in the west, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the south, Russia in the north, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine in the east.
The official language is Polish.
    Forms of doing business in Poland

    • Individual entreprise (simplified paperwork, simplicity of doing business, zero requirement for the presence of share capital);
    • spółka partnerska - Partner Society;
    • Civil partnership (mandatory presence of 2 or more founders, no requirement for the presence of share capital, responsibility is divided equally among the founders);
    • Limited incorporated partnership (minimum share capital - 50,000 Polish zlotys);
    • spółka komandytowa - Kommandit partnership;
    • spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością - Limited liability company (minimum amount of registered capital - 5000 Polish zlotys);
    • Professional partnership community;
    • spółka akcyjna - Public Company (minimum share capital - 100,000 Polish zlotys).

    The most popular form of doing business in Poland is limited liability companies (abv. SP. Z.O.O.). The main reasons for choosing this form are the absence of restrictions in business activities and the small size of the share capital. Moreover, the company itself is responsible for the company's liabilities (with the help of its assets and share capital). The minimum share capital of the Polish firm is 5,000 Polish zlotys.

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      How to register a company in Poland

      To open a limited liability company in Poland you or another co-owner don't need to have Polish citizenship. Foreigners have the right to own and self-manage a LLC in Poland. In order to register a company in Poland, you need to collect properly the required package of documents and make several transactions, which we describe below. On average, the registration procedure for the company in Poland takes 3 to 14 days. Poland provides the possibility of remote registration of the company.

      The company's registration process in Poland has the following steps:

      Stage 1: Create the name of the company and its activities;
      Stage 2: Identify the legal address;
      Stage 3: Form a share capital;
      Stage 4: Fill out the founders' contract;
      Stage 5: Register in the State Register;
      Stage 6: Register in the tax office;
      Stage 7: Sign up for static management;
      Stage 8: Open a checking account in a Polish bank;
      Stage 9: Make a company's stamp.

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        Taxation and financial reporting for companies in Poland

        Poland is not an offshore jurisdiction, so there is income tax - 19%, VAT rate of 23%. However, the VAT rate depends on the type of activity, and the rates of 23%, 8%, 5% and 0% are also applied. All tax conditions for specific situations are better extra clarified. There is also an excise tax on a number of goods (about 200 items).

        More than 80 agreements on avoidance of double taxation have been signed with Poland, and there are more than 10 free economic zones in the country, where the firm is entitled to a full tax exemption up to 5 years.

        As for reporting, it must be submitted on a monthly basis and within a set time frame. Key reports include: income tax report, VAT declaration and social deduction report.

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