Registration of the company in Bulgaria

Friendly environment for doing business
Access to opportunities provided by EU countries
Convenient geographical location of the country
Benefits for foreign investors
Lowest corporate tax in the EU
Simple and quick registration procedure
General Information about Bulgaria

Bulgaria (officially the Republic of Bulgaria) is a small country in Eastern Europe that attracts foreign businessmen primarily with its low tax rates and loyal legislation, which promotes profitable activities in Bulgaria. Taxation in this country is considered one of the lowest in the entire European Union.

Capital - Sofia
Currency - Bulgarian Lion
Borders - Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia and Northern Macedonia to the west and Romania in the north
Official Language – Bulgarian
    Forms of doing business in Bulgaria

    1. OOD - A limited liability company with two or more founders;
    2. EOOD - A limited liability company with one founder;
    3. AD - Shareholders' Society;
    4. SD - Complete camaraderie;
    5. KD - Kommandit Partnership;
    6. ET - Individual entrepreneurship;
    7. KDA - Limited Partnership.

    Among non-residents, the most common forms of doing business are OOD and EOOD.

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        Business registration requirements in Bulgaria

        1. The minimum share capital is 2 Bulgarian lions (about 1 euro);
        2. The company must be represented by at least 1 director (it can be both an individual and a legal entity);
        3. You must have your own legal address to the company in Bulgaria;
        4. It is necessary to open a bank account for the company;
        5. It is allowed to have nominal shareholders and directors;
        6. Mandatory availability of the company's charter;
        7. The registration period for companies on average takes 1-2 weeks.
          How to register a company in Bulgaria

          Let's consider the company's registration process in Bulgaria:

          Stage 1: Hold a constituent assembly at which:
          • decide to create a legal entity
          • choose options for the unique name of the future company,
          • determine the size of the share capital.
          Stage 2: Sign a constituent act that identifies the company's core activities;
          Stage 3: Appoint a director;
          Stage 4: Open a bank account to make a share capital;
          Stage 5: Contribute the amount of the share capital;
          Stage 6: Apply to the Commercial Registry.

          The list of necessary documents:

          1. A special statement;
          2. Director's declaration (certified notarized) on the consent to manage the company;
          3. Charter of the company with a founding protocol;
          4. The Director's declaration that there are no circumstances that may hinder management;
          5. A declaration that confirms the validity of all the data recorded in the documents;
          6. A receipt for the payment of the state duty and the introduction of the share capital;
          7. The letter of attorney of the nominee director (unless you register the firm yourself).

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            Taxation and Financial Reporting for Companies in Bulgaria

            Bulgaria is not an offshore jurisdiction, although it is often referred to as that. Perhaps this statement is due to the fact that Bulgaria has the lowest rate of income tax - 10%. The tax is calculated as a 10% difference between all receipts to the cash register or to the company's current account and the actual expenses incurred to do business. However, if you have a branch in Bulgaria, you are not required to pay income tax from the parent company.

            Tax on dividends received from abroad - 0-10%. Tax on dividends paid abroad is 0-5%. The standard VAT rate is 20%. If a company produces goods for export, the VAT rate is 0%. Individual entrepreneurs pay income tax of 15%.

            In addition, limited liability companies are required to pay:

            • social security and pension insurance contributions (up to 35.5%);
            • health insurance (4.8% is paid by the company and 3.2% is paid by the employee).

            It is obligatory to maintain and file financial statements. Income tax reports are issued annually. VAT reports are handed over monthly.

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