Registration of the company in Singapore

Prestigious jurisdiction
Friendly business environment
One of the world's recognized financial centres
Zero rates of tax on dividends, capital gains
No currency controls
A well-developed financial system
General information about Singapore

Singapore is a city-state located on islands in Southeast Asia. It is a highly developed country with one of the highest GDP in the world. More and more foreign businessmen are interested in this jurisdiction, as Singapore is one of the largest financial and business centers in the East Asian region. The state is not a classical offshore jurisdiction, but offers very favorable conditions for doing business and the possibility of entering new international markets. The most common form of business among non-residents is Singapore Private Limited Company, a private limited company.

Capital - Singapore
Currency - Singapore dollar
Borders - Malaysia and Indonesia
Official languages - Malay, Tamil, English, Mandarin Chinese adverb
    Requirements for Private Limited Company in Singapore

    1. Unique name of the company;
    2. Minimum number of directors and shareholders - one at a time;
    3. Shareholder shall be limited by the amount of share invested in the share capital;
    4. The director of the company must be a resident of Singapore;
    5. Lack of stringent capital requirements;
    6. Nominee shareholders and directors are allowed;
    7. The shareholder may also act as a director (physical or legal person);
    8. The share holding scan can be both local and foreign;
    9. Mandatory presence of a company secretary (must be a Singaporean citizen);
    10. Name-issued shares are allowed; Bearer and promotions are prohibited without denomination;
    11. It is mandatory to have a legal address and office of the company;
    12. There are no requirements for the location of the company's documents and holding shareholder meetings.

    Singapore also has a kind of company such as The Exempt Private Limited Company. This form of doing business is suitable for companies with no more than 20 shareholders and none of them is a legal entity. These companies are exempt from filing financial statements and tax returns if the turnover of the company is no more than 10 million. Singapore dollars. This kind of company is suitable for the development of new startups.

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      How to register a company in Singapore

      Let's consider the process of registering an offshore company in Singapore:

      Stage 1: Approve the name of the company;
      Stage 2: Prepare all the necessary documents;
      Stage 3: Choose the company's activities;
      Stage 4: Appoint directors;
      Stage 5: Open a bank account;
      Stage 6: Get a license (if necessary).

      The most common activities in Singapore:

      • Software development
      • Consulting services;
      • Banking services
      • International trade;
      • Freight traffic, etc.

      The registration procedure takes about a few days, and your personal presence is not necessary, the procedure can be done remotely.

      The list of necessary documents for opening a firm in Singapore:

      1. A copy of the passport, confirmation of the registration address (for individuals);
      2. Copies of the founders' passports, the package of founding documents and the statute (for legal entities);
      3. Data on shareholders, directors and the secretary;
      4. The memorandum and charter of the firm;
      5. Certificate of legal address and company name;
      6. Letter of attorney of the nominee director.

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        Taxation and financial reporting for companies in Singapore

        If the company conducts its commercial activities in Singapore, then corporate income tax of 17% is payable. However, if a firm conducts its business outside of Singapore, it is exempt from paying taxes. There is also no VAT, capital gains tax or dividend tax in Singapore.

        Companies opened in Singapore must keep accounting records. All companies (except small ones) must undergo an annual audit.

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