Registration of the company in Liberia

Full foreign ownership is allowed
No financial reporting requirements
Nominal service allowed
No currency controls
It is allowed to issue shares without face value
General information about Liberia

Liberia (officially the Republic of Liberia) is a country in West Africa that is on the OECD white list. The state is trying to attract more and more foreign investment to the country, so there is a loyal system of taxation. All income earned by a company outside Liberia is tax-exempt, so for foreign businessmen this would definitely be a profitable solution. It is possible to open a company in Liberia remotely.

Capital - Monrovia
Currency - Liberian dollar
Borders - Sierra Leone to the west, Guinea to the north, Ivory Coast to the east
Official languages - about 30 languages of peoples, English
    Forms of doing business in Liberia

    • Corporation;
    • Limited Liability company;
    • Limited partnership;
    • A non-profit corporation;
    • A maritime enterprise with foreign capital;
    • A branch of a foreign company.
    Among non-residents the most popular form is - Limited Liability Company.
      LLC registration conditions in Liberia

      1. There are no requirements for the size of the share capital;
      2. Minimum number of directors and shareholders - one each (both individuals and legal entities);
      3. The presence of a secretary must be available;
      4. The name of the company should be unique;
      5. A legal address is required.
      6. There are no residency requirements for shareholders and directors;
      7. Confidentiality of beneficiary owner data
      8. Allowed to issue shares on the bearer
      9. There are no requirements for the place of storage of company documents.

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        How to register a company in Liberia

        Let's consider the company's registration process in Liberia:

        Stage 1: Approve the unique name of the company;
        Stage 2: Identify the company's activities;
        Stage 3: Register a legal address;
        Stage 4: Prepare a package of necessary documents;
        Stage 5: Pay state taxes and fees;
        Stage 6: Develop the company's charter and founding documents;
        Stage 7: Register a company with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce;
        Stage 8: Apply for permission to operate with an authorized authority;
        Stage 9: Make a print (if necessary).

        The list of necessary documents to open a firm in Liberia:

        1. Application for company registration in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce;
        2. Constituent Treaty;
        3. The minutes of the Constituent Meeting of Shareholders;
        4. Charter of the company (where the name of the company, the size of the share capital, the names of the owners, location and type of activity) are written;
        5. Registration certificate;
        6. Registers of shareholders, directors;
        7. Stamp.

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          Taxation and financial reporting for companies in Liberia

          If a company conducts its business outside Liberia, it is exempt from all types of taxes (provided that all profits are made outside the jurisdiction, the company has no real estate and does not engage in prohibited activities).

          Annual financial statements and asset disclosures are not required. A company opened in Liberia may be liquidated if the fee is not paid when registration is extended. To restore it you need to pay a fine and a fee.

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