Company registration in Africa

We will help you with the choice of region based on your company's goals and describe the registration procedure in detail
Benefits of company registration in Africa

1. Advantageous investment climate (a large number of government programs);
2. Convenient geographical location;
3. The stable political situation in the region;
4. Fairly large reserves of minerals such as oil, gas, ore;
5. Flexible taxation system;
6. There are free trade zones with favorable conditions for business development.
Where is the best place to start a company in Africa?

1. RSA - is part of the Big 20; A stable economy; Transparent taxation system Developed banking and financial systems; Highly developed infrastructure lack of requirements for the company's share capital.

2. Liberia is a fairly fast registration procedure; Flexible tax system the government's attitude towards foreign companies.

3. Senegal is a stable political and economic situation; Low rent for office space; Low pay for qualified staff; there are no residency requirements for the founders.

4. The Gambia is developing a stable economic situation in the country; Support for foreign investment by the state; There are DTA agreements with European countries; flexible tax system.
The most required activities in Africa

1. Mining industry;
2. Recycling and construction industry;
3. Telecommunications;
4. IT;
5. Tourism;
6. Medicine;
7. Finance.
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