Getting a residence permit in Latvia

The right to unlimited residence in the territory of Latvia
Visa-free entry to the Schengen countries
The right to receive education in Latvia educational institutions, including free of charge
The right to self-employment
Possibility to get a loan from the Bank of Latvia at a reduced rate
The right to obtain permanent residence after 5 years
Ways to get a residence permit in Latvia

1. Employment opportunity
2. Residence permit through investment
3. Business migration (having your own business in the Latvia)
4. Persons who have committed investment of addition in the share capital of companies in Latvia
    Main terms and conditions for obtaining a residence permit:

    Before obtaining Latvian citizenship or a residence permit, the applicant must prepare a set of documents and an application in the prescribed form. It is important to note that the submission of papers is carried out only in person. It is not possible to submit documents online. At this stage, the applicant may be interviewed at the Consulate.

    • The absence of a criminal record
    Documentary evidence of the absence of a valid criminal record in the country of citizenship.
    • Age
    Minimum age is 18 y.o
    • Health insurance
    Provide valid health insurance
    • Owning a real estate or getting a loan
    buying property (duration up to 3 weeks) or opening loan (duration until 2-3 days)

        There are main steps for getting a residence permit in Latvia:

        • Collecting a package of documents.
        • Provision of documents to the Office of citizenship and Migration Affairs.
        • Consideration of the application.
        • Direct visit persons in Riga.
        • Issuing of medical certificates (less than 1-St working day).
        • Issuance of eID card (during the week).
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