Getting a residence permit in Greece

Visit European countries without a visa
The possibility of obtaining a European education for your children
You'll be able to come on vacation and spend holidays abroad at any time
After buying a property in Greece, anyone can apply for a residence permit. At the same time, you do not need to stay in Greece for a certain period of time.
A residence permit can be issued when purchasing a property from 250 000 €

This type of residence permit is usually called a "Golden Visa".
  • A residence permit can also be obtained by family members of the investor.
  • You don't have to live in the country either before or after obtaining the residence permit and pass an exam for knowledge of the Greek language.
  • permanent residence permit, if the property remains in the ownership of the investor (the residence permit must be renewed every five years).
  • If the investor spends less than 183 days in Greece, he does not become a Greek tax resident.
    How to get a residence permit in Greece?

    • Purchase of any real estate in Greece from 250 000€ (the investor must own the property for at least 5 years)
    • Bank Deposit from 400 000€ (you can close it after 5 years by transferring money to another account in any bank)
    • Purchase of securities in the amount of 400 000€ or more (you can also sell it after 5 years)
      There are main steps for getting a residence permit in Greece:

      • Choosing the option and object of investment in real estate
      • Collecting a package of documents
      1. copy and original of the passport
      2. documents confirming the legality of the buyer's income. This can be a certificate of employment, tax returns, documents confirming the receipt of inheritance, dividends, rental income or the sale of property
      3. the tax residence certificate
      4. a copy of the bill for any utilities that will confirm the applicant's actual place of residence;
      5. certificate of ownership of a phone number
      6. bank statements of the applicant.
      • Opening an account and closing a transaction
      Opening an account can be combined with a obligatory visit to Greece for fingerprinting when applying for a residence permit. This visit can be made at a convenient time within six months after the application is submitted.

      • Submission and review of document
      After submitting your application you will receive a certificate that allows you to legally reside in Greece for a year

      • Obtaining a Greek residence permit
      You can get a residence permit through a lawyer, sending him the original passport in advance — personal presence is optional.
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