Bankruptcy advice

Bankruptcy of an individual
Bankruptcy is a complex, ambiguous procedure that requires a rapid response. Our company "Profit Rise" will help solve your problem. Our specialists have professional experience on this topic, so we conduct comprehensive consultations for our clients on issues of bankruptcy of individuals. We will tell you the best solutions and ways out of this kind of situation.
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What is the bankruptcy forindividuals

Bankruptcy is the process of recognizing at the legislative level the inability of the citizen to pay monetary debts and/or fulfill obligations on urgent payments.

Indicators of bankruptcy:

1. Debt exceeds the value of a citizen's property;
2. Delaying cash obligations within three months of the debt being repaid;
3. The presence of outstanding payments worth more than 500,000. Grew up. rubles (for citizens of the Russian Federation).

However, in order for you to be officially declared bankrupt, it must be proved. Therefore, our company tries to do everything possible so that you can prove your insolvency and thereby write off all debts.
    How does the bankruptcy procedure work?

    1. All required documents (status, transactions, debts, property, etc.) must be collected. Depending on the situation, the package of necessary documents may change;

    2. Form a list of creditors, calculate the total amount of debt, make an inventory of bank accounts and property. It is also necessary to choose a financial manager (this is possible through self-regulated arbitration organizations);

    3. Make and apply to the arbitration court at your place of residence. An individual's bankruptcy application is filled out on the established form. In addition to general data on the citizen, the statement spells out the reasons for the deterioration of financial condition, the presence of property and bank accounts (both in the home country and abroad), and others;

    4. Court decision (3 ways to resolve bankruptcy issue: debt restructuring; sale of bankrupt property; settlement agreement);

    5. Recognition of bankruptcy (i.e. a citizen is declared insolvent and all debts are withdrawn).

    Profit Rise specialists are fully immersed in the process so that you can get rid of your debts as soon as possible. We focus on our experience, but always competently investigate a specific situation to build the work process as competently as possible. In order to get all the details, please leave an application on our website and we will contact you soon.
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